Religious opportunists, Go Kart Racing and Other Horrors

Recently on CNN, they ran a lead article quoting Brad Strait, senior pastor at Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church in Englewood, Colorado, who cited the case of the woman who was one of the victims of the Aurora massacre having a brain “defect” she didn’t even know she had, that saved her from the gunman’s bullet.
“In Christianity we call it prevenient grace: God working ahead of time for a particular event in the future. It’s just like the God I follow to plan the route of a bullet through a brain long before Batman ever rises. Twenty-two years before,” Strait wrote.
Oh yeah? Does that mean that G-d’s provenance allowed the mother to lose her six-year-old child, then miscarry her baby in the wake of the shooting. Did G-d intend for the aspiring comedian with the long-term girlfriend to lose an eye and have to be put into a medical coma because his injuries were so severe? How about James Holmes – d’ya thing G-d could have provided him with the right combination of genes, therapy and meds, so that this massacre would never have happened?
There is no world in which the shooting of innocent people in an American movie theater makes sense; nor for that matter on any other civilian target by an individual(s) or military in the world. Even as President Obama instructed us to “Hug our children a little tighter tonight,” this was not even close to making up for this sort of stain on our collective consciousness, and he knew it. This madman could hardly have done this much damage with pepper spray, but “guns don’t kill people.” They sure help though…
Coincidentally I found this ABC News story from just a few months before the massacre… A first Grader in Aurora Colorado was suspended for sexual harassment for quoting the lyrics “I’m sexy and I know it” from the LMFAO song to a girl in his class. He is a special needs kid, so even more than a completely normal- ability student of his age, he cannot grasp the repercussions of these words, but he was suspended and the term “sexual harassment” will stay on his record, along with other “disciplinary issues” from his past. This is what concerns us as a culture – the Puritans are still alive and well, as are the NRA.
“Why would anyone want one of those guns that shoots all those bullets?” asked David, once I explained to him that a gun on his show that shot out jellybeans was a parody of a real sub-machine gun.
“I don’t know,” I said honestly
He doesn’t know about Aurora, because I don’t want him too and we are not a household that watches the evening news. Mommy’s optimism is already a precarious thing, so the cavalcade of negativity is not something she can risk.
And if the people who survived this massacre need to pray to a G-d that they believed spared them specifically, then who am I to quibble?
For my part, I turned up at the kids Go Kart racing on Saturday night, when I had the option of taking some “personal time.” I just missed them too much, and wanted to see them happy, even though I have any number of sensory issues that make crowds, fast moving vehicles and the inhalation of carbon monoxide a definite problem. Not to mention that when you get there, they make you sign a waiver even if you’re not driving because all manner of shit can go wrong, and they don’t want to be responsible. I could see when I got there that the place was a deathtrap, but then I feel that way about every carnival I’ve ever been to. And that was before I found this horrifying thing online, that ALSO randomly happened to someone from Aurora, CO. This is getting freaky…
So they put Samson in his own car on the fast “skid” course, because of his huge height and fearless attitude. Regardless he could barely see over the hood, and people were bumping into him with no regard for any future neuro-skeletal damage they might cause. As the nightmare Jewish mother I am, I stood screaming on the sidelines, “Hey take it easy, he’s only SEVEN!”
I also got into a Kart after I swore I wouldn’t because I wanted to show my kids the example of “Mommy’s afraid, but doing it anyway…” I then made them laugh hysterically as I hugged the inside lane like a grandma, terrified. It wasn’t my driving I was afraid of, it was someone bumping into me and fucking up my already fucked-up-since-I-slept-in-the-RV-bed neck. It may not seem like much to you, but neither does performing in front of millions of people seem scary to me, so not everything is perceived the same way for everyone. Insert you own strange phobia here…
I faced my weird fear, partly because I don’t want to miss anything from my children’s childhood anymore – not even the tears, the whining or the sugar rush inevitably followed by the scary emotional comedown. Unless I absolutely have to get away to work, “gather” food, or preserve my own sanity, I am in for all that this adventure entails. Some clichés are true, and you never know when your G-d will pick your last day on earth.
I’m just glad my last moments weren’t on a Go Kart…
Not. Happy.

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