Down The Rabbit Hole

I strained a muscle in my back. I’ve been on my back for hours and not in a good way…. Hungry. Tired. Awake. Wired. Too too awake. Brain stem will not take a break. Have to keep posting though because this has all been so positive. Also have to show I’m still employable dammit… Thank God for Wonder Dad, who takes the kids out to ParaNorman when mommy is Paralyzed. He’s on his way home now with some Chinese food – so he is Wonder Husband as well.

And now, something from happier times when I could still move side to side and stand up without flinching. Please enjoy and share around, these videos have caused many people to smile, laugh and even consider their lives to be worthwhile for a moment. Maybe I will watch too…



  1. Oh poor baby. Do painkillers help? It is very painful, but it will get better, even if it doesn’t seem this way now.

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