1. Your thoughts on the Napoleonic view of politics which is an abhorrence of the party system which, it was believed, what gets in the way of good government. Just kidding, really. How about some exciting trip you may have taken in the past or plan to take in the future?

      • To see the world of course. I grew up in Florida. I spent my senior year pretty much at Daytona beach but since the Military I’ve seen so much more. So many countries and most of the US. Some not so great places but some were just amazing. Australia and Amsterdam are still on my list.

      • Estonia, Latvia, Italy (3 times) France (4 times) England (twice) grew up in Australia so that checks that one off the list… Also been to Greece, Israel, Japan, Canada (Vancouver and Toronto) Mexico, Costa Rica and around twenty three US states. Plus toured the Balkans with US military Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Germany, Hungary and Sarajevo. I wouldn’t mind a trip to Spain and hubby wants to go to Egypt. The only place I’m really dying to go is bed for a nap.

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