More Proof That People Where I Live Are Unusually Gorgeous Part Deux

At the risk of creating a stampede, here is my local juice/smoothie/hottie bar where I regularly see people so beautiful they can make the earth briefly rotate in the other direction. It is Sunlife Organics, and I give you this information with complete trust that if you happen to see a celeb there you will neither harass, stare, nor so much as give them a passing glance, when they’re looking of course. Texting TMZ and telling them said celeb’s favorite smoothie is acceptable. Or if they come in with a married director that they’re clearly having sex with on the set of a movie when they are publicly involved with another vampire guy. You can break the story. Otherwise, leave em alone, they want to digest liquid fruits and vegetables like everyone else.So here they are: This woman IS A MOM.

Also this ridiculously hot guy works behind the counter. Good luck.

This guy spotted smoking outside of Subway RIGHT IN FRONT OF the sign that says DON’T SMOKE 10 feet within this sign:

Well, they can’t all be gems.


  1. LOL, I’m pretty sure where I live has some of the ugliest people imaginable, but I won’t take pics, to spare you. After about 10:30 at the local Walmart the ratio of teeth per customer goes down drastically and the proportion of morbidly obese folks goes up. Yeah baby……Welcome to the Bible Belt…..

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