Being of Service Is A Bit Of A Pill

All weekend I have been working on my book here:


I got to do this because husband agreed to stay with the kids so I could leave town, because he is one of these:


Now I’m back and though I am excited to see the kids, for some reason I also feel like this:


Because while I got a lot done I didn’t finish my book, and now I have to put all that aside and be this:


While what I really want is to be doing is this:


Or even a little of this:


Grateful grateful grateful, trying to drum that into my head. Rarely have what I want and what I need been quite this far apart…

PS- This is me as Betty Crocker:



    • I second that- because I am enjoying the kids so much more having had some time away. I’ve been with them for almost two hours now and haven’t had one violent thought.:)

  1. I love everything you say, everything you wrote, everything you think, everything you do. I love U! Welcome back

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