Get It While You Can

Last week I sat in front of our local coffee shop, Cafe Organico and talked to a guy named Brent. The coffee shop and adjacent Bank Of Books store have been an incredible addition to Malibu, providing a hub where the more artsy among us can meet and avoid writing. Our town is much misunderstood, but at its heart is a community of all kinds of different people that magically appear for each other, and so I accidentally met a young man named Brent a week ago.

Brent was incredibly confident and smart, and handsome too. He was busting my chops saying that dogs were like their owners, and that was why my dog Lila had a problem with men. He came right at me and I loved it!

We had a lengthy conversation and bonded over our mutual friendship with the barista, who is a friend. We shared very personal details with each other, as strangers are sometimes wont to do, and as he left, I looked right into Brent’s eyes and he saw my pain and I saw his and there could have been more to add but there was nothing appropriate to say so he just walked away.

Today I found out that only days later Brent Butzke, who was only 27 years old, died in a motorized paragliding accident over Ventura county. He was beautiful, and he was here, and then he was not and my heart and soul ache for his family and friends, especially his parents who must be devastated.

So if you have something you need to say to someone, or a decision you have avoided making… If you are too embarrassed to tell someone you love them or what’s really bothering you… If you have been lying to yourself and are now willing to see your truth, I urge you to do so today. Because today is all any of us can count on…

Rest In Peace


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