I Got Some Unsolicited Advice

Someone close to me wrote me an email in asking me why I always write about myself… But then, this person added, you always have been self-absorbed. Why don’t you write about the post-electoral situation in Kenya? He wanted to know and then wished me Happy New Year! I think he was trying to be funny, but I thought everyone knew about email and tone?

If I cared to set him straight, I would probably reply that if he would like to read a blog about Kenya, or Syria or even Palestine, to please go ahead and do that, but my blog represents what is going on in my heart and mind and soul and is a right to my free expression as an American. I might even add “dammit!” if I were feeling particularly self-righteous.

By the way, if this person were actually willing or able to come over and babysit, I would gladly sit through a nominal amount of bullshit in exchange for a little childcare. In fact, for anyone who has been so FORTHCOMING with advice, well meaning or not lately, you are welcome to come over and run my life; or at least dinner when mommy is left alone to wage her own culinary battles, not to mention video games, discipline and a bedtime that doesn’t involve screaming, threats and whining (all of them mine.)

I am raising all this not as a rebuke to the critics but so that those of you who have been promising yourselves that you will create something in 2013 understand that you can do it, despite anyone’s help, opinion or approval. My great resolution for this year is to ignore all unhelpful advice, rude inferences and snarkiness! May we all have a guilt-free, self-expressed and joyous 2013, even those people who seem compelled to vent into our texts, emails and voice messages. After all if they were a little happier with their lives, they may not be so interested in ours.



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