Why Do Women Pay For Sex

My erstwhile school friends and still fans, Anna and Regina, run a male escort service in Australia. Their agency is discreet, reliable and completely private- even the men’s’ photos are not featured in their online profiles, just their voices.

I recently did a Skype call with Anna, Regina and “Anthony” one of their star escorts to find out why women specifically pay for sex. “Anthony” insisted on being off camera for the entire interview, even as I repeatedly tried to entice him to look by showing the two women my boobs. Oh, did I mention that I met these girls when we all attended Orthodox Jewish day school together? Happy Pesach!

At my request, “Anthony” and the “Madame”s as I took to calling them, were guesstimating percentages of their clientele, and their motives. It seemed that around 20% felt this was a “bucket list” kind of experience, albeit an expensive one. Prices are $550 per hour, $750 for threesomes, depending on the day of the week, but no male escort will do anything sexual with another male- as Anthony says, “I’m not cock phobic, but I don’t want one in my mouth.”

40% of the women who contact the agency are busy professionals who don’t have time to source for sexual partners- they are at work and don’t want to waste time with the “BS” of online dating, as Anthony quaintly put it. 20% of these are repeat customers, with a further 8-10% of those wanting to come back and try a chocolate sampler of each escort on the books, as opposed to one repeat “Boyfriend Experience.”

The crew felt that at least 20% of women had been through a negative, abusive, or heartbreaking experience and needed to push themselves to get out there and date again. I said that having dated Australian men I completely understood a Post Traumatic Stress reaction, though I was being facetious. It turns out at this time NONE of the escorts at the agency are Australian- all are English, Irish or other Europeans. The women admitted that they had trouble attracting Australian men for this sort of work. (To my Aussie male readers: I’m just relating the facts, the stereotype is yours for the breaking…)

I asked Anthony how he gets it up for clients that are not conventionally attractive and his answer made me swoon.
“I love sex and I love women, I’ve always liked being around women more and I understand them. For me it’s about getting off on figuring out their pleasure or what makes them tick.”

Hmmm, stick him on a Qantas flight and have him brought to my tent.

I asked him about female orgasm because I’m aware that many Western women still find that elusive. Admittedly I was just surveying one guy but I asked him in two years of doing escort work, both in Europe and Australia, “What percentage of women can come just by fucking?” He said almost zero. I was clearly going to have to do a follow up with an American counterpart, (just don’t ask how I knew one, because that information is also in the vault.)

Anthony has a case of toys which he brings out and shows at the start of a normal 1-2 hour session with his trademark wit, but he claims that unless women are familiar with using sex toys in the bedroom, he doesn’t introduce them as they may not be conducive to the particular experience they have in mind. Can you imagine a woman at the Nevada bunny ranch being concerned about wearing white lingerie instead of black in case it wasn’t what the customer had in mind? Huh? What mind? Outside of specific kinks, I’m not sure men specify their preferences, it seems more along the lines of “It’s all good” but for women, it seems to be more about making a specific fantasy come true, and not necessarily to be dominated by the man.

“Nope, it varies,” says Anthony, adding that he is surprised how less experienced women will sometimes want to completely take over and ravage him.

One thing I can’t imagine, is a situation where a male customer did not have an orgasm with a female sex professional and yet Anthony estimates that about 6% of women he sees don’t, and do not even see that as a goal. Orgasm is not guaranteed but satisfaction is, and sometimes the most repressed or religious kind of women, or virgins making the booking to lose their virginity end up having the best orgasms- once they let go they let go completely. Of course if they’re Orthodox Jewish women, they’re looking to get their money’s worth… (I’m experimenting to see how many different people I can offend with each post. How am I doing?)

In a related fact you might be interested in, it takes Anthony about 20 minutes to get going again after he’s shot a load. He’s in his early thirties. For those of you wondering why my fascination with young guys, I will just leave that here…

Keep in mind that prostitution is legal and government regulated in Australia, but still has some stigma. Anthony has a day job at which he doesn’t want to be identified, and even though I grew up around the corner from a brothel (not just the one I was singlehandledly running from my parents’ house that featured one misguided redhead) the place was a wide source of derision amongst my friends and I. The brothel was the world reknowned “Daily Planet” and I once met a girl going to work on the tram, now there is great public transportation! I never did get to go in and have a look around, though I was always curious. By the time I gathered up the courage to try to call and hire a girl for myself, I found out the rates are the same for women seeking women. Wha?

I was keen to know who male escorts want to have sex with in their private time, and Anthony told me it was usually women he met at bars (he prefers brunettes) but had recently been dating another escort. Then she developed “feelings” for him, so he felt if had to stop because they’d agreed to not “develop feelings.” Apparently Australian escorts are just like regular American men. Or at least the ones I’ve been dating.

Finally, I boldly asked for a freebie. I figured I should at least get to sample the merch, even if on Skype. Despite the possibility of screen shots, Anthony decided to appear on camera once the ladies left. Apparently he’d been texting positive things to them about me during the preceding foul-mouthed tirade that passes for the kind of interview I conduct.

Drool splashed from my mouth as I beheld him; he had a beautiful smile and unassuming manner I connected with immediately. Also he was physically one of the hottest people I have ever seen. Like the kind of guy men will not leave their wives or girlfriends in the same room with for more than a few minutes in case they lose their minds and attack them kind of hot. Some of his banter was a little transparent, asking me about my modeling career–what about-to-turn-40 woman carrying a pre-period 10 doesn’t want to hear that? I knew he was flattering me but I didn’t care. On the plus side, the water weight did make my boobs bigger… I showed them to him (I’m a shy one) and then asked him what he would do to me if I were there, and within seconds I was compelled to take off my clothes and show him any parts of my body he was miming doing things to. As a confirmed exhibitionist I will be getting mileage off his facial expressions watching me for months and years to come. L’Chaim!

I definitely got the better end of the deal because he only came once. Then again I did give him quite a show, so afterwards I didn’t know who got the better end of the deal. I said “Do you realize you just came in your boss’s office?” And he said “So did you…” and it certainly was the highlight of a uniquely shitty week. No wonder people pay for sex- it’s a few moments when you don’t have to worry about who’s picking the kids up tomorrow.

On the subject of size, I never actually saw his member, and according to the “Pimp Ladies” what they do is hold up a ruler at the job interview and the gentleman points to his measurement. He never actually has to “drop his dacks” as we would say on Australia, but they do set him up on a trial run with a volunteer female to make sure he functions. I got the impression that sex was only one of the services male escorts provide- while men may spend as much time confiding in “call girls” as fucking them, there is a special gift “call boys” have in making a woman feel seen, heard and understood, as well as pleasured. Mmmm, I get turned on just thinking about it…


  1. Hey if you are between gigs and need a little extra scratch, I’d be willing to bang orthodox mom. The schmundie might be worn out no? Is the tookus ok? I mean it dosent look like a cauliflower or anything does it? I’ll even throw in a couple a bucks extra if you bring bacon grease lube. Call me. It’ll be fun. ps you gotta extra bed sheet?

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