I Kissed A Girl(‘s Vagina) And I Liked It

Perks of being a woman sleeping with a woman:
1. You don’t have to wonder what she’s thinking- it’s not needy if you ask her- she’ll just tell you.
2. She knows what to do with a vagina because she has one.
3. You know what to do with her vagina because you have one.
4. She loves cuddling as much as you do.
5. You don’t have to wonder if you look fat because she’s not buying into a bunch of porn stereotypes she’s been spoon-fed since the age of fourteen.
6. She’ll spoon you all night or you can spoon her. (No fork.)
7. She will still be affectionate even though she’s getting out of bed to go to work; no weird, distant “hunt and gather” work mode.
8. She’s guaranteed to have dated chicks crazier than you.
9. You won’t have to leave a trail of bread crumbs to your pussy to get her to go down on you.
10. No beard rash. Anywhere.
11. You don’t have to pretend you don’t want a relationship- if she’s a lesbian she already has a U-haul hitch with her belongings ready to move in.
12. If you still want a dick you can buy one.
13. Boobs.
14. She won’t think you talk too much, even if you talk about your kids.
15. You can totally use her hair products in the morning!



  1. Well we can add going down on a woman being one of the great joys in life as another thing we have in common:-)
    Women you are bloody delicious!!

    In a way I’m surprised that more woman don’t experience other woman more. It seems from a comparability stand point to make a lot of sense! I don’t even think we need to think of it, or label it as bisexual.

    • I agree. But people can be so rigid when it comes to sexuality. I have women friends with whom I would never discuss these things… Of course now I guess that’s a moot point.

      • To me that is part of why people like you are so important. You help break down those walls with your openness and honesty and by adding real fun and humour to it!

        I was lucky because I had a dad who told my twin brother and I at 12 that if the other person is into it and it feels good do it. That and the better you make the other person feel, the better they are going to make you feel. Other than that there were no real boundries. It was simple, but great advice and it’s something I’ve tried to share with anyone that will listen since.
        “How fucking good would the world be if everyone was sexually satisfied…… I’m Herbert Hodgson and I want to be your next President” 🙂

  2. #confusedx2

    I always think; “Dude, What’s making you horny exactly?” We’ve figured out you’re not necessary. That should leave you flaccid. 🙂

      • Agreed. The energy is different, JUST as the experience will be different between two women, or if one of those women has sex with a different woman. I have never had the same experience with one partner as I have with another. Because, if you’re doing it right (and I know many people don’t), then you know that every person–man or woman–will react, feel and emote differently than the last. And, every partner has their own style. Hoping it works with you is the key.

        Even the one “crazy” woman with whom I had an encounter was fun. Well, she came across as crazy after, but that’s a loooong, sordid story.

        And, to address the above, it’s not about me, as a man, thinking that I am remotely a part of the experience happening between two women. I know I’m not. It’s really about a man (me) loving the sexual experience, thinking about the sexual experience (even if it’s two other people having it), and, did I mention loving the sexual experience?

        And, I think two men, two women, a man and a woman is all good. I happen to not care for having sex with a man myself, but i think it’s great when friends of mine do.

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