10 Ways You Know You’re 40

1. You take being called a “girl” as a compliment where you used to petulantly scowl “That’s woman.”
2. You appreciate good lighting.
3. You cover up more skin than you show.
4. You remember what Madonna used to look like.
5. You remember when people used to be able to spell.
6. You annoy people by pointing out their spelling mistakes.
7. You have orgasms when the wind blows (you may actually be a nineteen-year-old boy.)

8. You are excited when you find a good dentist.
9. You are ecstatic when you find a good bra.
10. On some level you just don’t give a fuck.



  1. Woman at 40 know what they want and go after it with out thinking There past the want ifs in Life So to me That is Woman are at there Best when they hit 40 Enjoy IT Goddess your in for a Hell of a Jorney

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