A Time To Give Thanks

1. My kid told me when he was 6 and “you and daddy were still together, we put the camera robot in the bathroom and saw it. There was a bump and red hair and a hole.”
2. I will not kill myself over this information.
3. Also “Daddy’s sack was so sack-ish. It was so big it was like it was carrying presents for Santa.” Don’t remind me, kid. (Don’t have to see that sack anymore- grateful!)
4. I have had mashed potatoes every day this week because it’s Thanksgiving and so it’s allowed.
5. I am volunteering at the VA today but never had to fight in anything but the War of The Sexes, and though my PTSD seems real, it’s technically not.
6. Last night I sang karaoke it was Violent Femmes’ “Add It Up” and you haven’t lived until you’ve seen an angry 40-year-old mommy sing to a roomful of Malibu’s finest/tourists/college kids “Why can’t I get just one… etc.”
7. No one shot anyone where I live.
8. People who help even though the world is going to hell.
9. Friends who accept you even when you feel like you’re going to hell.
10. I have a bump with red hair and a hole, and it remains awesome even if no one else gets to see it…



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