Wanna See Me Do Comedy?

I’ve done three open mikes this week and on the way home I was having three almost simultaneous thoughts.

1. That was awesome!
2. Oh my G-d.
3. I might be too old for this shit.

So… the usual.

When you leave your sleeping children to go perform for other beginner comedians, sometimes at midnight, you’d be right to wonder what in actual fuck you are doing with your life. Normal people don’t do this. Normal people do not get a hankering to go be funny in front of strangers. Especially young strangers who have the comedy bug themselves and may not be a great litmus test for how well material is going to work. Although, I’ve met quite a lot of people over the years who’ve said, “I’ve always wanted to do stand-up comedy,” and they always seemed like otherwise normal people. Of course, they never did it.

What a bizarre blood sport stand-up comedy is. How much dread fills so many of the comedians I know, how many of them dark people trying to exorcise their demons through humor. And yet how many I’ve met this time around who have perfectly lovely energy and just happen to be funny, and want to turn that funny into stand-up. Because those are two different things. I know I’m funny. It just remains to be seen whether I can craft that into something that is a stand-up comedy act, and even get paid for doing it.

Right now that’s not important. Right now I have my first gig back tomorrow night and I need you to come support me. Because at my level (though the picture below says “headliner room” I am not, in fact, a “headliner”) I need to encourage people to come and watch me so that those producing the comedy can sell enough alcohol to keep the venue open. Not that you have to drink alcohol… (Unless you think it’s a date. Then don’t come.) But if you’ve liked my comic ideas over the years of reading this blog, then come see them fleshed out in joke form. I can’t guarantee the results, but I guarantee a fun night out…

When: Saturday January 24
Where: The Comedy Store on Sunset, upstairs in the Belly Room.
What time: 7:30 p.m.
BOOK HERE NOW and use the code “scout” for 8 buck entry!


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