MalibuMom’s Artisanal Fuck-It Teas

Ah… on a relaxing morning there’s nothing better than a soothing cup of tea. These new artisanal offerings give you spiritual fuel to get through your day.

1. Calm The Fuck Down Tea – Chamomile

2. Wake The Fuck Up Tea – Black gunpowder

3. He Was An Asshole Anyway Tea – Mint

4. Yoga Is Not Fucking Helping Tea – Ginger peach

5. Shut The Fuck Up And Let Me Drink Tea Tea – Rooibus

6. Don’t Kill Yourself Tea – Green

7. Don’t Kill Anyone (Until After You Drink This) Tea – Holy Basil

8. Where The Fuck Is My Coffee Tea – Earl Grey

9. Wish I Could Unlick His Asshole Tea- Licorice

10. Reasons To Live Tea – Coffee

*saw that a Canadian company is actually marketing the first one, but I swear I thought of it independently. That would be too sophisticated for me- actual branding . I just think of the shit; no idea yet how to turn it into actual cash. Please feel free to make suggestions (or donations) below.


  1. Whoa — basic English fail. Not sure how that “a” got in there but there you have it for Kickstarter bonus

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