The Sex Matrix

There is an energy grid that spans our entire known universe. An unseen yet palpable force that can start or stop wars, has brought down Presidents and titans of industry. It is a powerful drive that, once tapped into, must be used for good not evil. Those of us who know call it “The Sex Matrix.”

Have you stumbled upon it by accident? Perhaps at the bank you catch a teller’s eye for an extra second (does anyone actually walk into the bank anymore?) and “Bzzzt.” A small spark of electricity zaps your neo cortex and travels all the way to the limbic system. Ouch. What WAS that? Is there carpeting in here? Was that static? No my friend, it was not static, it was anything but. It was something that was outside the purveyance of your rear view mirror, in your blind spot, if you will. All you had to do was turn your head, but you didn’t know that you didn’t know, and now you do. Come closer, if you dare. Can you hear its electric purr?

Step into the grid and realize the whole world runs on sexual energy. It is the Fifth dimension, the one as yet unproven by science, but then they hadn’t proven the existence of energy for a long time, and now they can. On a seemingly unrelated note, it amazes me when people, especially women, claim that they can’t get laid. I know people have standards etc. and I am certainly not remotely suggesting a woman drops those. What I am alluding to is a parallel universe that, once stepped into, is as abundant as any the eye can see. It is a constant flow of life force that, once felt, must be consummated. It is everything.

The forces of sex can bend the space-time continuum, some people just don’t know it yet. How else do you explain me connecting intimately with people of my age and choosing? I’m cute, I ain’t that cute. (Or maybe I am, but that is no matter.) I live in the City of Los Angeles where cute is so prevalent, it is almost cliché. Everywhere you look it is hotter, younger, thinner, tighter girls and yet one of them recently complained to me that she hasn’t had sex in a YEAR. I was once a young model attending Melbourne University and there was a point when I was sure I was never going to get laid again (Hint: I ate a lot of Lindt chocolate balls from the cafeteria, way before I even understood the benefits of chocolate.) Why are so many of us unaware of our sexual power? Why don’t people (besides those who have consciously chosen to be asexual) feel sexy? And what is “sexy?”

I will tell you what is sexy, in women at least, a woman who is “awakened.” I am not talking about a woman who has watched porn and knows how to mimic excitement for the benefit of a man. I hear this from men all the time- the dearth of true sexuality, a girl who is at adept at giving, receiving and letting go, not just emulating someone’s idea of “hot.” A woman who knows what arouses her, and feels her attractiveness down to her core, who delights in the feel of clothes brushing her skin, as much as a person between her legs. Life is such a sensual feast for such women, we all have her living inside of us and my mission is to help more women bring her out!

Men are often more aware of the Sex Matrix than we are, because they are genetically blessed with more access to their biological urges. Or is that societally blessed? Certainly few heterosexual men outside of organized religion have ever been shamed for their needs. Even in our puritanical America it is considered completely de rigeur to be a man in search of pussy. And yet when it comes to monogamy suddenly we go into denial. We expect men (and women) to deny the biological impetus to spread the seed (not the seed for women, but still a natural impulse) and settle down to one person. The Sex Matrix is sensed and summarily ignored. It becomes an electrical fence that the now monogamous person must avoid touching until… Bzzzt. And then, because it’s been so long denied it’s warped, Ouch.

For those of us who are aware of this force it is like the Matmos in the immortal sex-positive classic Barbarella, the subterranean ooze visible through a plexiglass floored earth. Though in that film the Matmos “feeds on negative psychic vibrations” the Sex Matrix is our collective sensuality and it is very, very good to us if we are good to it. Look outside. There is life teeming all around, fighting to make more life. If you stick to a code of conduct, there is no need to be weary, just aware. Partake of a wonder that requires neither CGI nor visual effects to experience; the ultimate natural high. Just beneath the plexiglass wall of illusion, your own sexual empowerment is waiting to be claimed. Bzzzt.


  1. I remember reading a Psychology Today article that helped explain why, once you are open to being hit on, you will be hit on. Conversely, the reason that when you are off limits, you don’t get hit on. It had to do with subconscious signals we send out, pheremones, all kinds of stuff… it was amazing and certainly mirrored my experience!

  2. […] assured that it will reach the genitals without you ever touching them. Also, build up a sense of the sensual pleasure in everyday life and you might climax when the wind blows (inconvenient, but not if it happens in the […]

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