The Ten Hottest Malibu Moms – Part Deux

In honor of Mothers’ Day, here is my pick for this year’s list, perhaps one day to be as iconic as Mr. Blackwell’s Best Dressed, without the old white guy who’s dead part. The Pacific Ocean may breed a certain insouciant hotness, because the women here radiate a quiet confidence I have not seen anywhere else (and I’ve been to Europe y’all.) They are usually dressed down when I see them, yet effortlessly stylish, and more low-key than you’d expect from people who number amongst them an Olympian, an Emmy winner and more than one warrior/activist who has risen from adversity. One of my personal goals is to take back the word MILF as something women can use to empower ourselves, not as a reflection of how we are seen by men. I asked each of these women what they thought of the word, and their thoughts on it inspired and amazed me…

1. Eileen Davidson Eileen first stunned me decades before we met, when as a child in suburban Australia I watched her as impossibly exotic and powerful “Ashley” on The Young and The Restless, then on my other secret addiction “The Bold And The Beautiful.” Fast forward a couple of decades, hiatuses to raise kids (both hers and step) having written several bestselling mystery novels, meeting Ms. Davidson might have been intimidating if it weren’t for her utterly unassuming personality, her equally down to earth husband Vince Van Patten, and the fact that she was “just another Malibu sports mom,” albeit one with a unique glow. Currently a cast member on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” (no fair of those people to claim her) she just won a Daytime Emmy for reprising a new role on Y & R: the fans just keep bringing her back. Never one to take herself too seriously, Eileen is nevertheless a passionate crusader for the Bonewitz Family, whose matriarch Kim was featured as one of Malibu’s Ten Hottest Moms last year. What does Eileen think of the word MILF? “Not a fan,” she says, “There has to be a better way to say it.” Duly noted. Clearly whatever she uses to empower herself is working just fine.

2. Barbie Herron A fifth generation Los Angelean, and third generation Malibuite, Barbie raised hell in this little town and was a single teen mom at seventeen. She eventually settled down to devote herself to her three children, including the oldest, Lyon, who has been battling a rare form of cancer called Gardner’s disease since he was four years old. On a quest through Eastern medicine, and natural health, Barbie has sought balance in her life through the challenges of her son’s illness. Her creative and business mind also co-founded Head Regal, a lifestyle and accessory company using native materials from as far as Rjasthan, India but manufactured in Los Angeles (literally everyone I know in Malibu has one of her pieces, whether a blanket or a change purse!) Executive Vice President of the PTA at Pt. Dume Marine Science School, Barbie is head of two non-profits: Cozy Courage which provides cozy blankets to children undergoing cancer treatments and The Lyon Heart Foundation which supports other single moms going through pediatric cancers. (Also you can donate to offset the costs of Lyon’s medical care HERE – under warriors select “Lyon.”) Her take on MILF? “I thought I invented the word back when I had [him] so young, and one of his 10 year old friends called me a MILF at twenty-six, and I seriously thought they came up with for it for me. Now I consider myself a GILF.”

3. Eli Jane Another single mom at a young age, Eli now has two kids, and has still managed to make serious inroads in a career in film. Starting out as a model (with magazine covers including “seventeen”) she has also appeared in twenty-five music videos, as well as commercials worldwide. With a few years of producing behind her, Eli is evolving from small Indy film actor to bigger pictures. Though I swore I wouldn’t make a big deal about these women’s gorgeous looks like I did last year, I am just going to say that it takes a very secure woman to be friends with Eli; it is like being next to a walking billboard. Yet she is a total girl’s girl, in her presence her inner beauty soon shines through as bright as the outer, and you can come to my house almost any Friday night and find that out (just kidding no you can’t, but imagine.) Eli volunteers for Harvest Home, a residential program for homeless pregnant women in Venice, a population close to her heart. As Eli becomes more of the woman she’s always known she could be… just don’t call her a MILF. She suggests instead calling her a “WWFUM” “Woman Who Works For Union Movies.” I feel ya Eli, just doesn’t have the same ring to it…

4. Michelle Wolf Another artist and single mom, Michelle has a ten-year-old daughter who sings almost as well as she does (give her a few years!) Besides that BA in English Lit from UCLA, Michelle has sung as a guest vocalist with music legend Cliff Richard at the Royal Albert Hall in London for an unprecedented thirty-two sold out shows, and then joined him on his subsequent “Real As I Wanna Be” tour in Europe. She has also sung with and/or written songs/performed on the albums of everyone from N’Sync, to Steve Lukather of Toto to BB King to Sophie B.Hawkins (love her.) Michelle has written songs for European films and television, including co-writing and singing the title track to the show “Kommissar Rex” which airs in 137 countries around the world, as well as touring and doing voices for commercials including “Downey.” (Jesus I am exhausted.) She has NO problem with the word MILF, she says, “It’s funny and honest and I am never offended.” I know Michelle as a woman of boundless energy and enthusiasm, who makes a mean Cioppino at Christmas-time, even for Jews. It moved me so much I wrote about it HERE.

5. Nina Junger A veteran make-up artist of movies such as Con/Air, Face off and a little show called “Friends” you may have heard of, Nina is now re-inventing herself, while being a single mom to two boys. Her photography is a natural extension of beautifying the (often) already beautiful through make-up, and the ease with which her subjects gaze at her lens reflects her utterly accepting personality. Always quick to laugh, and even faster to encourage others, Nina exemplifies the way we adapt in different stages of our lives, always evolving as moms and as women. When it comes to the word MILF, she laughed pretty hard at that one. With trademark humility she quipped, “I don’t know about that…” which I guess she doesn’t have to. Nine is a fan of the organization Single Mothers Outreach, and now so am I!

6. Samantha Clayton Currently the Worldwide Director of fitness and education for Herbalife, Sam is also a former Olympic track star, who has traveled to 38 countries to date as a fitness guru. She is passionate about helping people become body confident, and this is nowhere more evident than in the number of sports her kids excel at. Samantha has four kids, triplets plus one… I just don’t get how she always looks so chill! She’s a little bit English, a little bit sweet, but with a strong core in every sense of the word. The fact that it has taken me this long to get to this little footnote says a lot about this woman’s accomplishments – Samantha is married to former MLB champion Royce Clayton. I don’t know what to tell ya, they’re both spectacular people, but don’t tell Royce I like his wife better. When it comes to the word MILF, Samantha has a unique take, “In my world it means Mom In Love with Fitness- being hot is usually an actual description after my intense workouts!” If you would like to get off the couch, as I now do after just writing this, you can work out with Samantha free HERE.

7. Lisa Short Born and raised between Northern Arizona and New York City, educated in languages, hospitality and dance in the Pacific Northwest and Europe (Swiss management school anyone?) Lisa embodies that hot debutante thing so few East Coast women can pull off on the West Coast, while still remaining completely authentic. Some of Lisa’s career highlights include giving Michael Jackson a PowerPoint presentation and flying the Concord to make meetings on time between NYC and London. Post motherhood and digital music boom, Lisa has not only been a professional organizer, property manager and copy editor, but also holds the distinction of being only person I would ever allow to dub me “Frisky Brisky.” On MILF: “A sort of strange label that has shone light on a lively subset of women still very much in their prime and bringing families up alongside for the ride. In the best case it’s a designation of capability and success across disciplines (can keep kids on track and thriving, hold down jobs, stay in shape, and still have time and interest in partners/lovers). In the worst case, just another designation of age and agism- when did moms lose the right/option to be hot? Time to get beyond the Madonna/Whore crap from days past….”

8. Krishna Jaret You can’t tell by this picture, but Krishna has bright red hair and very blue eyes, how could I possibly leave the redheads out? Krishna’s favorite people to hang out with are her two children, and her happy places are home, the beach, dance classes and music festivals. If you see Ms. Krishna loping through Malibu, you can almost tell how much she loves music! The last year has seen her attend Coachella, Firefly festival and Austin City Limits, and she is headed to Boston Calling for Memorial Day Weekend. Krishna majored in Public Relations at American University in DC and loves fashion PR, her current client is “27 miles Malibu,” a cashmere & knit beachy/boho clothing company inspired by, and designed here. Krishna has lived on Point Dume since 1998 and has a huge soft spot for the Boys and Girls Club (who also save my behind on a daily basis) and Surfaid. Krishna is outright not a fan of the term MILF, which she remembers first hearing in 1998. “I think that mothers and [having] sex are two very different hats we wear as women. Being a mother is the most amazing, rewarding and hardest role we take on. Something about the term just does not relate for me.” And authenticity is the sexiest thing there is…

9. Tracy Barone As a film executive she helped shepherd such films into existence as “Wild Wild West,” “My Fellow Americans” and “Men in Black,” the epitome of the “power” woman. That’s not even to mention the MFA from NYU which saw her own plays appearing/workshopped Off and Off-Off Broadway. Ms. Barone has raised an amazing daughter by herself, and said child is now going to mom’s alma mater in the fall. She could have chosen many things for her re-invention, not to mention professional chef (I am obsessed with her cooking, as is everyone who has ever tried it) but went with that epic, inter-generational, multi-plot novel she’d been “noodling” away at. Said novel “Happy Family” will be published by Lee Boudreaux/Little Brown in May 2016 and if you’re reading this then, you need to order it immediately; you won’t be able to get the lead character Cheri out of your head. As for MILF, Tracy dismisses it as “So 2000’s. Might as well have a hashtag. Reductive. We are many things as mothers and as women.” But I’m taking it back Tracy, k?

10. Ellen Shane Ellen is an extraordinary warrior, mother and force to be reckoned with. Ellen was the mother of three girls, before her daughter Emily Shane was tragically murdered by a motorist on Pacific Coast Highway at the age of 13. Out of her grief, she created The Emily Shane Foundation that encourages people to pay forward good deeds that exemplify Emily’s kind, compassionate spirit. The foundation also works towards better safety on the Pacific Coast Highway, and now has an intersecting street (Heathercliff Road) named in Emily’s honor after a groundswell of local support. Also out of came SEA (Successful Education Achievement) that matches up struggling middle school students with mentors to keep them from “falling through the cracks,” helping 100 students already so far this year from ten different sites. Ellen’s take on the word MILF (her husband film producer Michael Shane had to remind her of the definition, as it’s “not in her normal vernacular”) is that she “does not aim to be a “MILF, but rather a woman who, while in her late 50’s, does her best to optimize her health.” Ellen says, “I believe that appearance goes hand in hand with your physical and mental state. If the combination of good nutrition, being fit and toned, and exuding a genuinely happy and positive spirit means that I’m looking healthy – and that translates to desirable – then I’m all for it! A person’s true nature and beauty comes from within, not the superficial, external physical appearance.” This, ladies and gentleman, is who we want raising the next generation, and The Malibu Times agreed, naming Ellen their Mother Of The Year in 2013.

Do not be discouraged, if you are a mere mortal (as I am) who does not approach in a week what these moms accomplish in a day. Just use them, as I do, to remind me that life really begins to get interesting for us ladies well into our thirties, forties and fifties, and that means that there’s more than one day in the year to be whatever definition of MILF we can possibly dream up…photo


    • Hahaha they won’t let me! Malibu moms fly way under the radar- it’s hard to get any of them to commit to any publicity , even something this positive and life affirming. I’m afraid you’re going to have to make do with the ten this year, and ten last year. Hopefully next year another ten…

  1. great list, Susanna, and I like the personal bio with each..a little more depth and reality than most things like this and nothing less than i would expect from a great soul like you xxoo

  2. I don’t know you, nor do I know the others, but I’d put you on the list for the little I can gleam thus far. Humor deserves to be elevated, verses whatever physical blessings these “malibu moms” were pre-ordained with. You make me laugh, you go from a 7 to a 9. You have nothing to opine, you drop from a 10 to a 7. Same should be applied to men;)

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