F*cking Under Fascism

For this Jewess, Thanksgiving this year is a time for disconnecting from all media, including social, to focus on connecting IRL. For some reason when you wake up in the country you went to great pains to move to because you considered it free and democratic, and suddenly there are people doing Zieg Heil salutes in the name of the President-elect, you could say it sorta pushes a button.

When I was nine years old and growing up in suburban Melbourne, Australia, my Orthodox Jewish day school decided to show us Holocaust videos. They were graphic black and white depictions of emaciated, shaven-haired Jews in the camps, followed by piles of dead bodies in mass graves—okay guys, lunchtime! Who wants first dibs at the kosher food truck?

What were these people thinking? I was also a year or two younger than my classmates, but what child needed to see this kind of horror? My mother tried to minimize the impact of the footage, saying we were being “indoctrinated” and that it couldn’t happen in Australia. I assumed this was because Australians were too laid back to work on wiping out an entire race between beers.

For years, any time I’d hear footsteps outside at night, I would assume it was the Nazis. One night, shaking in my fuzzy sleep socks after a loud series of raps at the door, I crept into the hallway, heart pounding to see if we were being “taken”. Where would I hide— our townhouse didn’t even have an attic. It turned out the nocturnal visitor was our family friend, a chain-smoking immigrant who ran a printing factory and smelled in equal parts like nicotine, printing ink and honest Russian sweat.

It was a heady combination – barely a year later, I recall sitting on his son’s lap during a family visit to the printing shop, kissing him eagerly, my ten-year-old body feeling unfamiliar things as I took in his own eleven-year-old sour immigrant smell. Somehow the memory of the fear of his father and my subsequent arousal, are inextricably linked.

In Nazi Germany, the misconception was that sexual repression caused a lot of the psychotic reasoning. In fact, people had plenty of sex under fascism, of course for those believing in [straight] White supremacy, this meant having it with the “right race.” My own grandmother didn’t stop having sex with her Jewish husband during the War, if anything they had more opportunities with all the curfews and blackouts. Unfortunately she also had multiple abortions, as this was the only form of birth control, until finally choosing to have my mother (at the age of forty-one) because the war was over, perhaps sensing one day her horny, Jewish slut of a granddaughter could write this.

It’s a known fact that American sex workers, both male and female, do better business outside Republican National Conventions, than with the freethinking Democrats. A recent (dubious) study also claimed that Democrats have more sex, but Republicans have “better sex,” judging by number of orgasms, a notoriously unreliable predicator of anything.

Of course Democrats polled higher than Republicans on “extramarital sex” aka living in the 21st Century. Why can’t the warring religions that hate each other (Christians/ Jews/ Muslims) just unite in their unwavering belief that all the unmarrieds should retreat into their attics alone in ankle length Victorian gowns?

Anyone who has ever seen the first scene from the brilliant 1972 satire “The Ruling Class” is how a simple fetish can kill someone in a Conservative position of power, simply because they haven’t come to terms with it. Political correctness may destroy more sex lives in the coming term, as women and men struggle with expressing desires that are antithetical to their philosophical beliefs, let alone finding out if you find out your spouse voted  for the opposition.

Perhaps it would help some of us turn towards each other instead of succumbing to either panicked isolation or self-righteous anger, by noticing that physiologically fear, anger and arousal feel almost the same.  Why not channel the more negative ones into the other, boning through the conflicts if you will?

Of course if the red states and even currently the United Kingdom continue to publically decry “sodomy,” BDSM and even sex during menstruation as “illegal perversions,” it’s going to be harder not only for people to figure out what gets them off, but against the law to explore it.

What Conservatives don’t seem to have thought through is that if they keep messing with our birth control, they will not get laid from either their wives or their mistresses, only their Dominatrices will continue to be open for business (provided, of course, that they can still get health insurance.)

Conversely what the well-intentioned Liberals are missing  is that in the bedroom, there are a great many women and men (cist- or not) that want to be consensually disrespected. More than ever, the most essential prerequisite for getting your needs met, is keeping politics out of the bedroom.

My grandmother used to say when I dated non-Jewish men, “Would he hide you if there was another Holocaust?” (I resisted telling her I wasn’t sure if some of the WASPy-looking Jewish women I’ve dated would have.) In my current relationship the answer is yes, he would hide me, especially if they didn’t search the bed, where you can often find us.

I texted him, “You know, if Hillary had won, you would totally be my bitch right now…” “I doubt it,” he said, arousing me further. I may just hold off ordering him that Nazi costume off the internet just yet…

keep-calm-skyTrust, love, and expansion always win over fear, distrust and contraction. If you need help identifying, pursuing or enjoying all the good dirty, kinky things, EMAIL ME HERE.

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