Casting Call For New Sexual Intuitive® Show

Hi Faithful, Sexy Readers! Are you feeling stuck with your partner when it comes to sex? Have mismatched sex drives caused friction or frustration between you? Do you have sexual wants and needs that you have given up on ever being met?

We are looking for singles and couples in the Los Angeles area to work with me as a Sexual Intuitive® on camera for a fun, exciting and life transforming new television show. You can read more about what I do as a Sexual Intuitive® here.What you get:
Three complimentary sessions with me (no touch, no nudity, just coaching the way I do my clients) usually worth up to $1000. The content will not be broadcast, only shown to executives when pitching the show. If you’re interested in finding out more (or inquiring about a private session) please email me HERE.casting-callNeed more incentive? Here’s a recent client testimonial: “Where do I start!!!! Amazing, gifted, special, powerful, funny, compassionate, understanding, caring, I can go on and on with words that describe Susanna’s way of being with me while in session. I can feel her compassion and love pouring out, holding space, being present. The best of all is her joy and exuberance when she gets an intuitive hit. I wait in excitement to hear what she has to say and it is always poignant, hits it right on the nose, leaving no room for the mind to get a hold of. I am grateful Susanna has found her way into my life. I am a better human being and a better man because of it.”

S.L.- Investment Relations, Los Angeles.

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