President Pee Pee Goes To Washington

There are many imaginative ways to use pee for sexual gratification, but it’s worth noting that the only person who ever wanted to pee in my mouth was a Republican (L’Chaim.) When pee is used in a BDSM context it can be a tool to enforce Dominance or humiliation. However according to the “dirty dossier” compiled by an ex MI-6 agent and widely discredited partly due to its reported poor spelling and syntax, our Pee Ee (get it?) is accused of something that is not as kinky as it sounds.

A Dominant might make a submissive piss in front of them, or wet themselves through skirts or jeans, which may be part of ageplay, the practice of assuming different ages to get to fun new perverted places in the psyche. There are also many kinds of watersports that are not related to BDSM, like peeing onto or into each other’s bodies in a loving way, to denote full acceptance of every part of them, including fluids most people find icky. “Love me, love my fluids” could be beautifully gold embossed on wedding napkins.

I define a fetish as something akin to a need; a kink that, if left unexplored, leaves a person in a state of perpetual dissatisfaction that may show itself in other negative ways. A person may become very depressed for example, or turn to unhealthy or victimizing ways of getting that need met. In this way Social Conservatives (a euphemism for people who hate while claiming to be loving Christians) can denounce behavior that actually stops the perversion of the perversion, so to speak, instead of allowing women, men, and whatever gender a person identifies with free to pursue whatever floats their collective or singular boats between consenting adults peacefully into the sunset Hallelujah.

When it comes to an Alpha male paying two women to pee on a bed recently occupied by his rival, I frankly would not even class that as a fetish (if it happened) though it certainly sounds like something a Certain Someone would do. Also, logic dictates that housekeeping would already have changed the sheets, so it would have been more of a symbolic burn. Though he likely has a history of making women do submissive/humiliating things at his command in private (even beyond what has been documented in public, not to mention to Chris Christie) if this hotel scenario happened, intuitively it seems to me more like a fucked up head game than a fetish.

In both my own life experience and with clients, men and women who hold high positions of power in real life, or have “dominating” personalities, can sometimes want the reverse of that when it comes to sex, and sometimes not. I would believe that President Pee Pee had a sex worker piss on him (not a sentence I ever thought I would write but here we are) even if I read it in a misspelled document. Perhaps if he had that need to humiliate/be humiliated quenched strategically and consensually in private, he might feel less of a need to engage in it so very harmfully in public. And I personally would pay to see that…

Having trouble coming to terms with a particular kink or fetish? Email me NOW to see if a Sexual Intuitive® session is what’s next for you.

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