How Sexually Intuitive Are You?

Have you ever had a gut instinct on a date that the person sitting across from you is not right for you, but ignored it, and slept with them anyway? Do you consistently pick people who disappoint you sexually, or does one person you love consistently disappoint you in the sack? You’re not alone. In fact, many people walk down the aisle with an unconscious knowing (but refusal to admit) the warning signs of sexual incompatibility that will eventually become relationship deal breakers. You don’t have to be one of them…

You can attune your Sexual Intuition to a phenomenal degree, just by uncovering a few simple truths about yourself. What you’re into and most certainly (believe you’re) not into will change and expand over time, but the more you know your own core NEEDS when it comes to sex, the more you’ll recognize the corresponding traits in others. This is also useful within a relationship- communication becomes so much clearer when you’re intuitively aware of where that particular partner is coming from!

So how do you authentically reveal these things about yourself to better tap into reading others? Come to my INTIMATE TALK at Sexual Health Expo LA on Saturday February 4 and Sunday February 5! I am speaking at 1:20 on both days, and will help guide you towards your Inner Intuition Point. I am so honored to participate in this conference helping expand awareness and smash taboos, causing a global shift in consciousness around sexuality. (I guess calling it the Let’s Fuck Better Expo would be too on the nose.)

Tickets are free– stick around and talk to me afterwards- let’s tease out what so badly wants to come to light; your innate ability to observe sexuality the same way you judge character, with your raw instincts. she-la-button-come-to

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  1. […] On the Sunday, the pervs next door got in a Female Dominant and a male submissive (also yay!) In between the heartfelt, filthy and heartbreaking confessions from couples, singles and everyone in between (and the moans of pleasure/pain next door) I gave two talks titled “How Sexually Intuitive Are You?” […]

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